• Beat the odds of entering in Japan

    We help companies understand and build a strategy to enter the Japanese market

  • Opportunities & Challenges

    The large Japanese market is for many foreign companies a very attractive prospect. Yet, many companies who have tried to enter faced bigger challenges than they expected and eventually shrank or completely withdrew their activities. From Wendy's to Nokia, to Citigroup, they all ended up shutting down most of their activities and have remained thus far, unsuccessful to decipher the keys to success in Japan.
    Japan is a complex environment and requires local expertise to properly set the right market entry strategy. Simply replicating the business model that works in your home country will not work in Japan. You have to account for the market very specificities.
    With Expand In Japan, through our consulting and market entry services, we are here to assist you overcoming these challenges and to help you start and develop your activities.

  • What We Do

    The Japan market offers a world of opportunities, but it's a lot harder than most companies realize. If you want to understand the complexities of the Japan market and avoid costly mistakes and unexpected roadblocks, planning your expansion is the best way to ensure your long-term success.


    We start by listening to you, your needs, and your ambitions. We then help you understand the intricacies of the Japan market and the range of possibilities awaiting for you.

    • You want to confirm your company’s capacity to enter the Japan market
    • You want to assess the market potential for your products or services
    • You want to know the key actors and local competitive landscape
    • You want to understand the regulatory environment


    We lay out strategies to address every aspect of your business entry. We review these strategies together in a permanent dialogue to make sure we fully commit to your goals.

    • You want to establish representative office
    • You want to identify and validate prospective clients / partners
    • You want to plan your market entry, product launch, and develop your localization strategy
    • You want to create a sales & marketing strategy


    We support the execution of your strategy every step of the way. We accompany you into Japan, facilitating your meetings, administrative procedures, partner introductions, staffing etc.

    • You want to be represented locally
    • You want to visit Japan and meet with prospective clients / partners
    • You want to open a local office
    • You want to develop a local leadership team
  • Services

    Market Research

    • Company / Product Assessment and Marketability Review
    • Sector / Industry Report
    • Cultural Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Technological Watch
    • Market Entry Analysis
    • Surveys and Marketing Analysis
    • Consumer survey
    • UI / UX Testing / Interviews

    Strategic Consulting

    • Market Access or Development Strategies
    • Brand Strategy (Content Localization)
    • Sales & Marketing Strategy
    • Partners Identification / Screening

    Business Expansion

    • Business Representation
    • Planning and Set Up of Business Trips (technical and marketing), Meeting Arrangement, with Interpreter
    • Office Location Investigation
    • Local Entity Creation
    • Legal & Regulatory Support
    • Staffing (Leadership / Team)
  • About us

    Why us?

    As multilingual Japan experts with long-term business experiences, we handle all business aspects of market entry for our clients and therefore prevent inevitable and costly errors made by a foreign firm when entering the Japan market. By working with us, you will have instant access to all the necessary know-how and expertise that is necessary to succeed in this attractive but demanding market.

    Experienced - Expand In Japan is managed by qualified, experienced multilingual specialists, with a track record in delivering profitable growth.

    Cost Effective - Our on-demand services makes you save versus the equivalent in-house resources. We also price ourselves far below the traditional consulting companies.

    Technology focused - Our team has deep knowledge and understanding of technology, ready to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

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